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first off, gwar is not an acronym for anything. it doesnt mean god what an awful racket, nor does it mean gay women against rage. there are others. the word is simply a power laxative, something you exclaim if you are having a hard time on the toilet. i know this because i asked dave brockie himself. second, gwar is the best band in existence. if you dont agree, go see them live and tell me otherwise.
HOLY CRAP! GWAR just killed the pope and is haveing sex with his open skull!
by Pumpkinhead March 6, 2005
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When a woman's nipple hair is so long that when she breastfeeds, it looks like her baby has a Hitler moustache.
Diana's nipple hair was so long that when she breastfed her baby he had a baby hitler.
by Pumpkinhead July 21, 2017
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The art of ripping a sick fart into someone's mouth.
When Jay Jersey Foghorned Randy, Randy's breath smelled like burnt broccoli.
by Pumpkinhead August 31, 2004
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All of the Pumpkinheads waited outside of the Chicago Metro to catch their final performance.
by Pumpkinhead June 13, 2004
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