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Bayville is a small-ass town in Long Island, New York. It's on the north shore in Nassau County.

It's about 3 miles long, with one main road, Bayville Ave. On one side is the beach for the most part, on the other is two pizza places (Ralphs and Gusses, though the latter sucks), three pharmacies, a grocery store (IGA), candy store, a few delis, a barber shop, a small diner, and a few restaraunts. There are also nail salons, two churches, two elementary schools and about 8-10,000 people crammed into this 3 mile town.

Bayville is mostly rich, white Catholics who are either Irish or Italian. This leads to teenagers that are spoiled, racist, closed minded, and a constand debate over who's better, Irish or Italians. Luckily, I''m not like that.

Since Bayville is so boring, kids (usually from 11-16, since they don't really play with toys but they can't drive) usually are found just hanging out around town. There's either the stands, which has food and the beach, or the village, which has more shops and things but isn't as nice. We're known as "Bayville Kids", because we have the ability to asume ourselves very easily and we always stand around town and do nothing. Our classmates, kids from Locust Vallet and Brookville, don't get this, since Brookville kids can always get rides somewhere and Locust Valley has stuff to do. We used to have an arcade, but they shut it down.

Also, since we have nothing to do here, kids are more inclined to do drugs and alcohol then to have 'good, clean fun'. Not that other teens don't, we just start earlier.

Bayville is only famous for one thing around here: The Haunted Firehouse. I've never been, but inside the firehouse they decorate it for Halloween like a haunted house. It's actually really scary, not some cheap small town thing.We also have the feast, which is a bunch of rides and food. It's fun.

Our school sucks so much ass here. LVCSD. I won't even start. Picture Mean Girls, but not as extreme and with drugs also thrown into the mix. Actually, it's worse here, just not in the sense of all the different cliques. There's preppy, and then there's everything else.

Also, men make it a habit to honk at you on the one fucking main road there is. Especially Mexicans. They don't even care if you're hot.

Basically, Bayville is okay. It's boring as hell here though, and the people aren't the nicest. But make the right friends and you'll be able to have fun. It's a nice small town, not a redneck small town.

Check out jfd-ltd.com/ bayville/ reasons_your_from_bayville .html
and en.wikipedia.org/ wiki/ Bayville to get a better idea.(take the spaces out, though_
a) You guys are such Bayville kids. You just stand around and do nothing.

b)Bayville sucks ass. It's so fucking small and boring.

c)Everyone in Bayville is the same; rich, whtie, and catholic

d)Fucking creepy Mexicans
by Pssh July 21, 2006

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