Short for "immature." To be used when you don't want to say the word "immature" because saying the word itself when refering to someone is in itself immature.
Am I going out with that girl from the bar again tonight? Hell no son, she was way i m. Only like 21 or some shit.
by Chris B dot April 12, 2007
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hima is a beautiful, pretty athletic caring girl. Her name means snow. She is so smart and has gorgeous big brown eyes. She is one of the most elegant people you will ever meet and holds herself like a true queen.
H I M A is soooooo lit and amazing!
by lanablue2980 January 22, 2018
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I´m in, I´ll join, I´ll do it; not scared; down for the cause.
Do you want to get some ice cream? Yeah, I´m down.

Heard you didn´t want to fight? I´m down
by WhiteKittyWeed March 27, 2018
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The best band to ever live. They are from Finland. Most people only know this because of Bam, but who cares because Bam Margera is amazing too. H-I-M stands for His Infernal Majesty. GO LISTEN TO SOME H.I.M NOW!
H-I-M'S singer Ville Valo has the best vocals ever
by chrissyyyyy August 19, 2007
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Declaring to someone your immediate, forthcoming intention of correcting a situation that you find non-accommodating to your person. This can take the form of an overt physical act such as: slapping, shoving, kicking, reckless driving into the side of a Quick Mart, throwing molten Cheese Whiz, or an act of retribution such as filming someone using a toilet bowl, to be used as blackmail, etc. It can and is often preceded by an exclamation such as: "Bitch!", "Ass!", "Punk!", "Dude!", "Dawg!", "Whore!", etc.

Warning: it should not be used in certain situations, such as "Your Honor!, I`m about to ball this."
"Dude, Leroy just smashed into your car."

"Bitch, I`m about to ball this!"

An example of this phrase in use can be seen in the film Smokin`Aces (2006), as provided by the character "Warren."
by AssJack! June 25, 2013
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Squirrels in my pants. When something is making you jump
There are squirrels in my pants!
Tell me whats makin' you jump like that!
S-I-M-P, Squirrels in my pants!
Ain't got no chickens,
Ain't got no rats...
S-I-M-P, (Candace & Background)Squirrels in my pants!
S to the I to the M to the P,
Then maybe you can be moving like me...
Step right over and watch me put it down...
Step right over and watch me put it...
S to the I to M to the P!
Who you got back and watering your plants?
S-I-M-P, Squirrels in my Pants...
How can I qualify for government graaaants...
S-I-M-P, Squirrels in my Pants...
Hypnotize me, put me in a trance...
S-I-M-P, Squirrels in my Pants...
Got an Aunt Florance living in Fraaance...
She can't see the-
Squirrels in my Pants!
Step right over and watch me put it down...
Squirrels! Squirrels!
Step right over and watch me put it...
S to the I to the M to the P!
by Coolbeanz14 April 14, 2019
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(noun) ;Suckas Interested in Mediocre Pussy, a common phase in that a young man experience. When a Teenage or a Grown man tries to be a nice guy to a girl online or real life in hopes of some Coochie ( intercourse) or female validation. Common actions of a S.I.M.P. involves sacrificing personal relationships and goals such as friends family, money and attention to a women who doesn't love him (ie/Ex.Twitch Thot , e-girl ,THOT,basic bitch etc.). in a Self degrading or embarrassing manner . Having self-respect and developing internal validation and love from within is key from being or becoming a S.IM.P.
Jason: Bro why you donated the rent money to Evie's Twitch Stream she doesn't KNOW You
Brock : Evie Promised Me a kiss if I donate her $500.00

Jason : That's a S. I. M. P. move not cool.
by C0MixZ March 11, 2020
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