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When two people sharing a double ended dildo slide all the way on and meet in the middle.
Sam and Ben worked their way down the double ended dildo towards one another until their balls touched and their convergence was complete.
by Pseudoephedrineonym June 15, 2011

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Male ejaculate that lands on a computer screen and/or keyboard when the male climaxes while consuming pornography from the internet.
Dave trolled red tube until he found something that tickled his fancy before he jacked off and spread his digital dividend all over his laptop.
by Pseudoephedrineonym June 16, 2011

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The last tour by an aging musical act designed to gouge as much money from the public before the musical act retires. Typically involves exorbitant ticket and merchandise prices. Often a band will be missing at least one original member due to death or feuds with other band members that stretch back decades.

The decision to see a retourment concert is usually a choice between knowing it won't be value for money and being able to say that you saw them play live before they died.
Guy 1 'Did you hear that Black Sabbath is touring? Are you going to see them?'

Guy 2 'I’d like to but the tickets are so expensive.'

Guy 1 'True, and I hear Bill Ward isn’t playing drums. I bet the tour t-shirts will cost $50.'

Guy 2 'Let’s face it, it’s a total retourment.'
by Pseudoephedrineonym July 28, 2013

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