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1. Led the state of California to the brink of disaster, and then pusned it over. Acquired the title 'Greyout' due to California's power problems. Helped Enron become the second biggest corporate laughingstock (behind the Democratic Leadership Council) in America. Gave California a worse economic rating than France, for Christ's sake!
2. A good example of what happens when Liberals are in control of everything. No new power plants, no economic plan, all new taxes.
3. All the social programs of Stalin, coupled with all the warm fuzziness of Albert Gore, Jr. Tough sell to the people of California.
Another Liberal, Greyout Davis, bites the dust. Up next, Senator Chuckie Schumer, Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle, Senator/Ku Klux Klansman Robert Byrd, and/or First Lady/Senator/resident of New York (for now) Hillary exclamation point. (That's how she ran for the Senate, as 'Hillary!'. Guess she figured that the Clinton name was just a bit sullied.)
by Proud Conservative October 09, 2003

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Anal sex sans condom.
I'd like to nail my old lady in the can, but I can't use a bag, cuz that would be a waste. Hence, I'd like to bagless can fuck her.
by Proud Conservative August 06, 2003

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A wanna-be. Easily spotted by the fact that they dress like rappers and black movie roles, and talk ghetto while they live suburban.
I was spoda be born black, but I was born white instead, homey. Damn mom and dad. I'll have to bust a cap in their asses if they don't have my allowance ready, yo.
by Proud Conservative June 01, 2003

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One of a group of right-thinking individuals, known collectively as Protest Warriors. These people have gotten tired of the automatic assumption by leftist reporters and anchors that 'anti-war' means 'peaceful' and is the intelligent A.N.S.W.E.R. to anything.
They show that 'pro-peace' protesters are as vicious as, and often more vicious than, those that they are protesting. As well as observably less intelligent.
That protest warrior just showed the entire world that socialism is primarily for the inherently stupid and selfish. and, he used the socialist's own words. He didn't even need to misquote Comrade's statement.
by Proud Conservative December 20, 2003

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See also Ann Coulter. Her vitriolic hatred of all who oppose white christian dominance is nauseating and she is one of the many people who make me ashamed of labelling myself as conservative.
Some sample quotes from this 'lady':

"We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity. We weren't punctilious about locating and punishing only Hitler and his top officers. We carpet-bombed German cities; we killed civilians. That's war. And this is war."

"When contemplating college liberals, you really regret once again that John Walker is not getting the death penalty. We need to execute people like John Walker in order to physically intimidate liberals, by making them realize that they can be killed, too. Otherwise, they will turn out to be outright traitors."

"My only regret with Timothy McVeigh is he did not go to the New York Times Building."

And on and on and on.
by Proud Conservative April 30, 2004

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1. The type of inferior being who would post sexual definitions and personal attacks on conservatives and Bush administration figures in this dictionary under my name. See also: Britard or Heterophobe.
2. The personal invective (name calling, Al) invented by Al Franken to apply to those who are CLEARLY his mental and social superiors. He believes that if you can't understand what someone says, that it must be a lie. To him, this would include nearly everyone.
That conservative must be a lying liar, because I can't understand supply-side economics.
by Proud Conservative September 17, 2003

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The Liberal malady of having your head encased firmly in your (or someone else's) rectum.
Al Franken suffers from a terminal case of Recto-cranial Immersion.
by Proud Conservative September 22, 2003

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