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A Metal Elitist is a fan of metal music who denigrates the tastes of other metal heads and considers their own to be intellectually superior. Metal Elitists regard any band with a degree of commercial success as being “not real metal,” and consider any fans of such bands “posers.” There is a crossover between the Metal Elitist and Neckbeard personas, as both such persons regard themselves as far smarter than their peers, disparage the tastes of “normies,” and do not regard women as “real” fans of their respective subcultures. The stereotypical Metal Elitist is a single, mid-30’s male who only listens to bands with illegible, scratchy logos and, like the stereotypical Neckbeard, lives in his mother’s basement eating junk food and posting on message boards. As stated previously, Metal Elitists have strong opinions about what “real metal” is, usually considering subgenres like deathcore and metalcore to be particularly offensive, in no small part due to their commercial success, younger and female fan bases, and emphasis on looks and fashion. Their own favorite bands are almost always underground, not necessarily because of the quality of the music, but because their obscure status, which to the Metal Elitist, makes them more “trve” than bands with name recognition. At their most extreme, Metal Elitists will try to one up each other by claiming to like less and less of a band’s catalog, to the point that some claim to “only like the first album” or even “only like the demo.”
“Lol, is that a Slipknot shirt? You know that’s not even real metal, right? I bet you can’t even name five of their songs.”

“Oh sorry, I didn’t realize you were a Metal Elitist.”
by ProfCDryDrunk October 25, 2020
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The word neckbeard, deriving from the conjoining of the words “neck” and “beard,” is a descriptor for a type of man characterized by an inflated sense of self worth and a powerful sense of entitlement, particularly to affection, subservience and sexual acts from women. The name is a reference to the poor grooming and hygiene standards typically held by such men, with the result that their facial hair is unkempt and extends down their neck. At the core, neckbeards’ inflated egos and misogynistic attitudes towards women serve as a coping mechanism for personal insecurity and a lack of self confidence. Such an attitude allows them to place the blame for their failed social interactions on others rather than undertake self examination and improvement. Neckbeards also typically have an interest in anime, hentai and waifuism, due to their stereotypical perception of Japanese women as being meek and subservient to men, and thus their idealized, non-threatening sexual partner. Fedoras are also popular among neckbeards due to their seeing themselves as sophisticated, respectable gentlemen, as opposed to the “Chads” or “assholes” they believe women normally are attracted to. Copious amounts of Mountain Dew, Doritos, video games, and a sedentary lifestyle are all additional hallmarks of the neckbeard ethos.
“Females like you only go for jocks and assholes, you never want to give nice guys like me a chance. You missed out on a gentleman, slut.”

“God, what a neckbeard. I can still smell him from here.”
by ProfCDryDrunk October 25, 2020
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A style of hard rock & heavy metal music that is watered down both musically and lyrically to garner maximum radio play and mainstream acceptance. Lyrical themes are drawn from a put-on “tough guy / bro” persona, and include being a badass, getting lots of pussy, strippers, partying, and being betrayed or alone. Image wise, butt rock bands typically consist of guys in their mid-30s with spiky hair, Affliction t-shirts, and bad tattoos (usually barbed wire or tribal). The typical fan emulates this fashion style and exhibits what they think are “manly” personality traits, such as frequently drinking energy drinks, driving an unnecessarily large truck, and otherwise overcompensating for an insecurity in their masculinity. They also tend to have a superficial knowledge of metal music, being familiar only with bands that receive regular radio rotation. Examples of butt rock bands include Five Finger Death Punch, Three Days Grace, Buckcherry, Nickelback, Disturbed, and Three Doors Down.
“All riiiggghhhtt, that was Five Finger Death Punch with ‘Jekyll & Hyde,’ comin up next we got Buckcherry with ‘Crazy Bitch’ for all you ladies out there, right here on KBRO Nothing Butt Rock...”
by ProfCDryDrunk December 10, 2019
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