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Levels of general ability (intelligence) that are way below average; literally, IQ scores between 32 and 40, the typical range of bra sizes excluding cup size.
North Alabama has always had a goverance problem due to the bra-size IQs and general venality of public officeholders.
by Princess Lum November 27, 2005
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Rouge accent to emphasize the color of the nipples and aureolas.
After the eighth date, I forego a bra and put on some titty rouge just in case.
by Princess Lum March 04, 2006
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A slang term used by psychology majors to refer to those levels of cogitive ability that are borderline, but not quite low enough to be considered mentally retarded. Specifically, this refers to those in the 70-80 range.
What does it take to be a successful drummer? A tolerance for loud percussion and a room-temp IQ.
by Princess Lum December 06, 2005
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This is a sarcastic nickname for Texas.
We're crossing the Sabine River into Baja Oklahoma: bravo sierra alert.
by Princess Lum March 23, 2006
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To dry lab is to make up data in a scientific experiment, as opposed to observe or experiment in order to obtain it. Usually this is done in response to pressures to finish the experiment by unethical researchers.
It was getting past 4:30, so Kagame decided to dry lab her experiment in organic chemistry by plugging in plausible figures.
by Princess Lum July 25, 2006
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A small university located in Florence, Alabama. Formerly known as Florence State University, it is a high-quality undergraduate institution having four separate colleges and some graduate training. Especially excellent are its Departments of Biology, Geography, Chemistry, and Art; with strong showings in Mathematics, Management, Music, History, and Psychology. It has an excellent and caring faculty, up-to-date technology, and a great library. Campus social life is varied: there is some Greek life but not excessive. The biggest problem that it has is its location in Florence, AL, AKA Flotown. It is known also for its sports, with three Division Championships in football. It's a laid-back institution with a varied social life, and the students know how to have fun. It is also cosmopolitan, with many Japanese, Nepalese, and Turkish students.
The University of North Alabama teams are nicknamed the Lions.
by Princess Lum March 23, 2006
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