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a female that has usually never read the books and only saw the movie (couldve read the book and saw the movie but still the term "twilight bitch" is determined by the following behavior): acts like it's the biggest deal ever, thinks that Edward is the hottest thing since shaved pubes, buys thousands of dollars of twilight memorabilla, gets hair done like Bella in hopes of getting ass rammed by a rabinous vampire, and hates anyone who didn't see the movie, Twilight Bitch will soon over-populate the scenes (scene kids, scenesters, scenexcore, etc...) which overpopulated the emo kids after the popularity of Oli Sykes and Craig Mabbit rose to dangerous levels, which over-populated the goths which over-populated the punks, etc...
Izzy: eww have you seen this guy named Robert Pattinson, he's so ugly!

*4 years later*

Izzy: O.M.G!! Edward from Twilight is like so smexy!! he makes me have the BIGGEST orgasm.

Smart kid: thats the same person you said was ugly 4 years ago...

Izzy: NO ITS NOT!! cause Edward's a vampire and everyone knows vampires are the sexiest!

Smart kid: when did you decide that? when Twilight came out?

Other kid: come to think of it, every girl decided that vampires are sexy since Twilight came out.

Smart Kid: Izzy is such a Twilight Bitch
by PrenoctopussSejonjon January 03, 2009

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a female that posts a survey bulletin on myspace (a survey bulletin is a bulletin that has pre-written questions for the person to answer them so they can show their myspace friends what their answers are to these obscene questions) but a survey bitch only posts a survey bulletin that has the following questions: "Have you had your heart broken lately?" or "Do you think relationships are worth it?" etc... the reason they want to answer those questions and show everybody what their answers are, is because their boyfriend had recently broken up with her and they attempt (usually a failed attempt) to try to make that person feel guilty. The survey bitch tries to cover up their reason for doing the survey bulletin (the reason being to make her ex guilty) by making the title of the bulletin the following title: "I'm doing a survey because i was bored." when everyone should know that the only reason she did it was to make her ex feel guilty, not because she was bored.
The following is a real life example of survey done by a Survey Bitch.

Do you think​ relat​ionsh​ips are ever reall​y worth​ it?
no comment.

When was the last time you were extre​mely disap​point​ed?​​​
yesterday night.

the last perso​n you kisse​d and the next perso​n you'​​​ll kiss the same?​​​

honestly;probally never again

Are you missi​ng someo​ne?​​​
"no comment.

What were you doing​ at 11:​​​00 am today​?​​​

i had a rough night.

Regre​t doing​ anyth​ing in the past week?​​​

caring about things.

keep in mind that this particular survey bitch had their boyfriend break up with them the day before.

by PrenoctopussSejonjon January 03, 2009

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