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Camp Brittish comedian.
He is co-host of The Sunday Night Project with Justin Lee Collins.
he is also famous for his large teeth and thick rimmed glasses.

Relased his autobiography "Look Who It Is" in 2007
Released his Live tour DVD "Tooth Fairy Live" in 2007

He is son of Greame Carr. Football Player, Manager and some consider him to be a legend.
He is not a sibling of Jimmy Carr. Only idiots think that.

Alan Carr:
My dad was like "Oh dont send Alan to do anything electrical, he wouldnt know.."
Oh, What am I gonna do? Come out of Dixons with a Pony? *Lead invisible pony around stage"".. Ooooh. What am i like?
by Portia x January 23, 2009

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Means "I am" in Glasgwegian

(Used mainly by Neds from the PYB or HYT or the Pollock Bushie)
"Maggie get aff eh computer. Dae yir hamewurk"
"Am Ur Maw! Fuckin cow."

by Portia x January 14, 2009

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A club in Glasgow.

Colloquially reffered to as "The Catty"

It has two floors:
Top floor- Punk, Rock, Pop, Emo, Secene, Hardcore
Bottom Floor- Metal, Rap, Hevy Metal, Death Metal

Sheli- OMGZ did you hear Kat pulled at the Catty on Saturday!
Mhairi- Eww- magine pulling someone at the Cathouse. They're all a bit greasy
Sheli- Yeah I know. Now she has ampatigo
Mhairi- Ew! Facial herpes!
by Portia x January 15, 2009

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An excuse for not going out with your friends when instead you'd rather sit at home and watch Mock The Week and Top Gear on the popular channel Dave.
"Hey, you wanna go out and get a beer?"
"Nahh, I can't- Dave's over at my place"
by Portia x May 14, 2009

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