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A Helicopter expo from the film 'Step Brothers'. Also known as the 'Fucking Catalina Wine Mixer'.
I bought 3 helicopters at the Catalina Wine Mixer!
by PoppaBear May 03, 2009

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Leslie is a girl that respects her self, very understandable, smart but slow, with goals in life she will accomplish. Leslie has been through so much in her past. Basically screwed over the whole time, but continues to move on with a smile on her face. She is the most caring and loving person you'll ever meet. She will listen to you, and give you the best advice you'll need. She will give but doesnt expect anything in return.Leslie will give 110% dedication to friendship and love. Leslie is different than other girls. She is athletic, and a gamer which makes her 10x more attractive.mmm that athletic body tho. She is also a fun person to be around with and joke around as well. She has this awkward vide in her that makes everything fall into place.
"Ay do you know leslie?" Says sarah
"Leslie?.. The one with a pretty smile?"
by Poppabear November 20, 2013

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An awesome person. A mentor. A gentleman and a scholar.
Wow! You are such a PoppaBear!
by PoppaBear May 06, 2009

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The worlds MOST over-rated band. They are completely fabricated. None of the band members knew how to play instruments. The record label created them.

People tend to think they are good because they look like they are playing instruments live, but they are not.

A terrible band with political views they try to shove down your throat through their shitty music.
Kid 1: WOW! U2 is so awesome!
Kid 2: Actually, they suck you fucking tool.
by PoppaBear March 25, 2010

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