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The laws of the univerese and nature that govern everything we know and don't know. They are a direct reflection of Eternal Law and through its understanding one can fully understand all concepts of morality and states of being.

The most basic principles to Natural Law involves a particular absolute truth: Everything has one nature that defines what it is, and everything is what it is simply because it is. The nature of an object, thing, or idea is defined attaching the suffix -ness to the end of said object, thing, or idea. EX: A chair has "chairness", a human has "humanness", a rock has "rockness", etc. The absolute truth about the state of beings of objects, things, and ideas is impossible to seperate from the item.

Natural Law disregards opinion because truth is not an opinion. Truth is what it is, which is the definition of something that is real and absolute.

Absolute Truth exists because of Natural Law, which means there are absolutes, despite how hard some people may try to disprove it.
According to Natural Law, all humans (beings with the nature of humanness range from single celled embryos to those an infinitely small moment from death) have human dignity which forces their inaliable right to live, love, and pursue {Natural Law abiding} happiness.
by Popemeisterjosh September 21, 2008
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1. The nature of having redneck traits.
2. Used to describe the levels of redneck one is
Easterner: You are so full of redneckedness that it's gross
Redneck: Sha't up youu, elsewise I'll get my Auntie to plug youu up real good-like with lead. You'd a be killed dead from yer wounds!
by Popemeisterjosh September 20, 2008
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In reference to the Eastern 16 or so states in the United States.

The following are definitely in this group: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, {Washington D.C}, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida.

The New England states (ME, NH, VT, MA, CT, RI) are well known for having fairly high population densities (on average), their lobster, and the lovely season of Autumn.

The Tri-States (PA, NY, NJ) basically aren't really the same at all. PA has a low PD and is known for their redneckedness sometimes. However they have a ton of American history there. NY is known for the one city in the most southern point of the state, New York. New Jersey has the highest PD and is made fun of for being a place you don't really want to grow up in, but probably had to if you did.

The Capital Area (MD, DE, Wash.D.C) are well known for either being the capital or being close to it.

The Southern States (VA, NC, SC, GA, FL) are also more often than not made fun of their redneckedness (minus FL, they are borderling Cajun there). Moonshine, Peaches, and Disney World provide the structure for the economy over yonder.
Person: So where do you live?
Other Person: I live on the East-Coast.
Person: oh.
by Popemeisterjosh September 20, 2008
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