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Exterminate is the sound a Dalek makes before it fires its Extermination Ray. So far, only two things have negated its effect: a fully-functional forcefield powered by an extrapolater; the Time And Relative Dimensions In Space, directed through Rose.
Dalek: Exterminate!
Snake: S***.
Dalek: Hasta la vista. BABY! EXTERMINATE!
by Poorly Maintained Cannon August 17, 2005

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The Final Boss of Final Fantasy 8. Like Kefka, Septhiroth, Ex-Death, and Necron, she has multiple forms. Five to be exact. She is not actually seen until you confront her at her castle. The plot is similar to Final Fantasy 1, where the protagoinsts must travel back in time to save the world from a cycle of doom from a cycle of doom from a cycle of doom. She is trying to do something akin to the Bad Wolf: absorb time and space to do her bidding. She controls Edea to do thi. During the game, you must fight Edea twice, both times at the end of a disc. Edea then turncoats to the good side perminantly, whereupon she becomes a playable character for a short time. Back to Ultimecia.

In her first form she has approximately 32000/64000 Health Points. Two things of important note: she randomly picks 3 characters from your ENTIRE party, not just active party, to fight; and if anyone dies, she has a 50% chance on every turn of using Fallen Angel on the dead person, which REMOVES THEM FROM THE FIGHT. TOTALLY. If you have un-used characters, they will randomly replace them. Her attacks include staple magic, like Blizzaga, Firaga, Reflect, and her personal attack, Maelstrom, which removes 50% of all characters' HP and inflicts Curse, which is curable with Esuna or other items. It is usaully in this section that players setup their party, using Shell, Protect, Haste, Regen, Aura, Triple, and other ''buff'' spells. When you remove her HP....

She summons Griever, which is the figure enscriped in Squall's ring. It has about 180000 HP, and uses an attack called Draw, which removes one magic from one player from his magic list. This is usually most dangerous when it affects a magic junctioned to HP, or Aura. When you reduce its HP to about 60000, it will start to make the arena swirl, giving you about 1 turn to prepare for an attack called Pulsar Shockwave, which will be used even if Griever's HP is 0. It deals roughly 9000 damage.

Then Griever and Ultimecia junction together. This form is accompinaed with 2 Helix's, that power up Ultimecia. Its specia attack is Fata Attraction.

The ultimate form is Ultimecia, fused with all time and space. She used Hell's Judgement as a regualr attack, which deals damage equal to Character HP -1. Also Meteor, Ultima, and Apocalypse. She summons her other self, then draws the spell, and uses it on you, which deals about 9999 damage. When you reduce her HP to 0, she revives to 1 HP, and says mockery. This occurs 5 times. Then she explodes, and dies. Then a long cinematic, which I didn't watch. Silly me.
Ultimecia: Maelstrom!
Player: Damn.
Griever: Pulsar Shockave!
Player Damn.
Ultimecia/Griever: Fatal Attraction!
Player: Damn.
Ultimecia: Apocalypse!
Player Sod this, let's play Heli Attack 3!
by Poorly Maintained Cannon August 17, 2005

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Nobutyeahbutnobut and its variants (yeahbutnobut, nobutyeahbut, yeah, but, no, but, yeah, but, and many more) is used as an un-understandable reply to something serious to make it seem as unimportant. It sometimes follows a rapid slur of mixedwordswhicharealsounrealatedto the point being made. It originated from a show called Little Britain, which way better than the office.
Weebl: Holy dog toffee! Who ate all the pies?!!
Bob: NobutyeahbutnobutshutupcauseIneverevensaidanythingaboutNatfingeringOzzieinthelanguagelab, so shut up!
Weebl: K.
by Poorly Maintained Cannon August 16, 2005

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Someone who pretends to be a type of phile, a sexual pervert, like a zoophile, a necrophile, a dildophile.
Apple Dave: Oh yeah, I like to sh** cheese!
Cloud: So do I!
Apple Dave: You're under arrest for wanting to do it with cheese!
Cloud: You pseudo-phile!
Apple Dave: Oh D*** Sprouts to you!
by Poorly Maintained Cannon August 17, 2005

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Dancing Mad is a term used to mean a extremely long piece of music that usually crresponds to a fight. It may repeat, or have sections, which repeat until it is time to move on.
Seto Kaiba/Marik Ishtar: And now I will bore you to death with my boring speech, and six loops of Barney!

Snake: Oh d*** sprouts! Not A Dancing Mad and a God Card!! Should've just played Heli Attack 3.
by Poorly Maintained Cannon August 16, 2005

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