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A response Denoting intense interest for a person who enthusiastically tells you of his unbearably cool status or of his nine inch penis. This response is also warranted if the person offers sage wisdom which no one else could possibly posses, seeing as their penises aren't as large.
"Neat sounds" literally compliments the sounds--not the words or meaning--emitted from a particular speakers mouth.
"So i'm gonna get some fye head from Molly at the party tonight!"--

"Neat Sounds"--
by poobamaster July 10, 2008

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A condition in which one's entire body should be sealed in a body bag, so that others needn't suffer to see it. This affliction is a more serious version of Paper Bag Syndrome.
"So Gaby was leaning over in class today, and her boobs almost fell out, you should have seen it."
"What's wrong with you? She has some serious body bag syndrome. That girl needs to be bagged, tagged, and put on ice."
by Poobamaster November 10, 2007

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An alberto is a poo-ho, a very undesirable woman. This word references Alberto Pojols (pronounced Alberto Poohos)

Poo- fecal waste
Ho- a prostitute

Usage: often used by a friend to stealthily alert one that he is flirting with a poo-ho
A man is talking to a very unattractive woman at a party, and his friend walks up to him, saying, "Alberto is on the phone for you. Let it ring."
by Poobamaster November 10, 2007

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