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A white redneck wannabe with a mullet, generally an alcoholic who enjoys a good time
Larrett: Gahd motha fuckin damn JT that’s gotta me the best looking gahdamn hair cut I ever did see
JT: I am Mullet Man
Larret: Incoherent southern slurred speech* gahdamn Mullet Main
by PogManTommy April 9, 2021
Meaning very extra mega Poggers, often used by epic gamers to describe a very Pog play in a game.
Thomas: My lord that Fortnite play was very Poggers McStinky Butt Hole
Will: Yes, very Pog

Dad: Me and you mother are getting a divorce
Thomas: That’s very Poggers McStinky Butt Hole
by PogManTommy February 17, 2021
Stands for “Someone Idolizing Mediocre Pussy/Penis.” Also the synonym of PIMP. Now used as slang for treating a woman to well, especially one that doesn’t like you back.
Micheal: Buys Chloe a Gucci purse and a new car*
Chloe: Thanks you so much bro
Thomas: What a fucking SIMP!
In this case Micheal is a big simp
by PogManTommy February 22, 2021
Tom: Hey Josh, Did You See That Reddit Meme on r/DankMemes
Josh: No you literal fucking virgin
Tom: Not Pog
by PogManTommy February 22, 2021
A big black man with herpes Cream Pie’s an Irish man with midgetism.
I just stumbled upon a video of Reverse Oreo on the internet, I have lost the will to live
by PogManTommy February 22, 2021