it used to be something that people said in a streamers chat when something remarkable happened but now its an overused shitpost meme that makes me laugh every fucking time for some reason
by dudopa September 28, 2020
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A word used to indicate excitement or an epic moment. Comes from Pogchamp.
Wow, that play was awesome. Pog!
by R3Ked January 29, 2020
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When something is "Poggers" that means it's "Epic" or "Amazing", or when someone says "Pog" after acomplishing something that usually means "Ya! I did it! Epic!" And is also a reference to the twitch emote "PogChamp" which originates from a youtube video starring Gutierrez and Ross called “Pogs Championship,” for a MadCatz-brand joystick, the two play Pogs, the disk-flipping game popular in the 1990s, in which Gutierrez (Ryan) calls himself the "Pog champion", and the face used for the meme/emote is completely unrelated.
"I beat the game! Pog!" "That was extremely poggers"
by KitsuneFox May 10, 2021
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Another way of saying cool
Friend: I have finished designing some Pixel Art
Me: pog
by LenEnjoyer November 26, 2020
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The midpoint between positive and negative, covering the gray area that often exists when a statement has elements of both positivity and negativity. Sometimes used in the field of mathematics. Closely related to the word tralse.
V: Is the answer positive or negative?
Jerry: It is absolutely pogative.
by Chenimal March 31, 2010
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