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2 definitions by PlanesWalker

A person who paints works of art with their own crap usually a swastika and or someone who is mentally deficeint
"dude who is the special finger painter who made his masterpiece in the stall?"
by PlanesWalker October 28, 2012
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1. To solicit sexual favors via PMs on a forum or message board while extoling the virtues of monogamy, a chaste life, and devotion to God.

2. To throw a hissy fit when someone makes fun of your religion, usually before being caught in the act of definition number 1.
1. OMG! He totally pulled a cqb and wanted to cyber, whatever that is.

2. Once he saw the Buddy Christ figure he went all cqb and shit.
by PlanesWalker November 14, 2007
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