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"I Will Beat My Ass Today To Kick Yours Tomorrow"
"Look at that bumper sticker. What's 'IWBMATTKYT'?"
"I Will Beat My Ass Today To Kick Yours Tomorrow."
by PinkKitten420 February 22, 2022
A (usually married) m+f couple seeking out a third. They will insist the potential third must be a natal female, and preferably young, pretty, bisexual, and interested in sex with both partners. By the time you've listed all of that, you're looking for a person that's so rare and highly sought-after that, "you're looking for unicorns."
Advertisement: "We're a m+f couple looking for a third! Must be a a cis female, aged 18-25 years old, pretty, submissive, and unlikely to get attached. Bonus if she's willing to act as the an unpaid babysitter and housekeeper. Please send picture and a message telling us why we should choose you."
Person reading the ad: "OK, so you're a unicorn hunter. Sure, those girls are out there, but the chance of finding one is so low that you might as well be hunting for unicorns."
by PinkKitten420 March 19, 2021
Message From Your Heart
"It's a MFYH? What's that stand for?"
"Message From Your Heart"
by PinkKitten420 February 23, 2022
WPWW is a common white supremacist acronym that stands for "White Pride World Wide." The phrase is used as part of the logo for Stormfront, the largest white supremacist website on the Internet, which accounts for its widespread use by white supremacists. (Source: ADL.org)
"John seems like a decent guy, but that WPWW logo bumper sticker on his car makes me think he's into White Nationalism and White Power."
by PinkKitten420 March 9, 2021