2 definitions by Pinestik

Punk Ass Bitch Syndrome. A psychological disorder affecting ones mind and body. This disorder causes once cool, reliable friends to unexpectedly back out on plans, or become overall boring, and thus seemingly afraid of having fun.
Person 1: Where's Michael, tonight's gonna be so krunk - how could he miss this??

Person 2: He is having a PABS flare-up and decided to stay home - something about being tired and broke or something.

Person 1: Damn, that PABS is a motherfucker, it affects the whole body, and there's no cure. I feel so bad for him.
by Pinestik October 7, 2017
A poop so large that it piles up in the toilet to the point that a portion of it is above the surface of the water, much like the volcanic islands of Hawaii.
I love the blue toilet water for when i make a private island. It reminds me of my vacation in hawaii.
by Pinestik September 18, 2017