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When an adult throws a temper tantrum like a child does when he doesn't get what or things don't go the way they want. The adult acts like a child by yelling, throwing things, bitching, pouting, and in extreme cases cries, when they don't get what they want or things go against them.
Wow Austin had an "episode" at lunch when his water glass got empty. You should seen the "episode" he had the other day when the waitress brought his salad, and it had croutons and cucumbers on it, after he asked them not to put them on it.

Please don't do that because Austin will have one of his "episodes," and we will have to listen to him all day!!!!!!!
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by Piggyweewee July 18, 2016

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This means what a woman gets when she is worked up sexually and does not get relief. It is the same thing as Blur Balls is for a man.
Wow girl, I got with Claudia last night which was my first lesbian experience that left me with BLue Legs.
by Piggyweewee June 28, 2016

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A nurse who prepares someone for a colonoscopy like a fluffer get guy on a porn set.
My sister Kim is a Nurse Butt Fluffer nurse because she gets them ready for anal like they do on porn sets.
by Piggyweewee February 18, 2021

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Donald trump is INNOCENT OF ALL CHARGES. Causing my siblings Brian, Kim, and Shawn to cry as all Democrats to.
My family is crying because President Trump got his SECOND Trumpusacquital so he can run in 2024.
by Piggyweewee February 14, 2021

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People who work in the back and left the small people up front and pretend to (or think they are) high class and but they're really not (or don't realize they aren't.). Then hover over them grading their work.
Ms. Diane went to the back and thinks she is all CSL BOUGIE and ignore those who thought were her dear friends.
by Piggyweewee January 31, 2021

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A wife who whines like the Saturday Night Skit the Whiners. Other wise known as Wendy wife
Wendy (real name Stacey) stop whining about how tired you are. Wendy lets go to the Game. Wendy says “ there’s to many people, but bingo is okay.”
by Piggyweewee January 25, 2020

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