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A western european country. Also called "The Hexagone" by geometry-deficient journalists. 1000 km x 1000 km in its wider dimensions, but still a kick-ass country. Judge by yourself:

-35 hrs working hours a week, 5 weeks paid holidays a year, and still the 4th economy on the planet.

-main audience (hence funding source) for W. Hallen and D. Lynch movies, among others, thus supporting non-mainstream US movie industry

-full of people who still beleive that democracy mean that the government should be an emanation of People's will (unlike what happens in nowadays in most "democratic" countries,including the US.). But still managed to elect one of the craziest dictator-wanabees ever as president (N. Sarkozy). Crazy French people ;).

-Full of people who drink alcool and/or smoke like crazy, eat fat and tasty dishes, but still have a lower incidence of stroke, obesity, or even cancer, than in most of "civilized" countries.

-A country where oral sex is indeed considered as sex, but where sex is still not considered as a bad thing (this point may explain the upper one ;) )

-A country full of people who have an annoying accent when they speak english. A country full of people who have the sexiest accent ever when they speak english. (depending on the relative genders of the speaker and audience).

-The main reason why the US are now an autonomous country. And they did that only to annoy England. ;)

-The country which likes the most annoying the US (and other "superpower" countries, not to cite Russia), just for fun (and Principles, whatever this means to non-French people)

-The native country of Rousseau, Voltaire et al., who initiated the "siècle des lumières" and came up with the aforementioned Principles, now very useful when it comes to annoying other countries. Subsequently, a refuge for numerous free-thinkers (who said "just to annoy other countries"?). Famous examples are Leon Sedov (son of Leon Trotsky), just to annoy the USSR who was seeking to kill him, or Salman Rushdie, just to annoy the Ayatollas. The former was assassinated in Paris by a KGB agent whereas the second is still alive, which would tend to prove that the efficiency of French security services improved, or that the KGB was more efficient than islamist activists ;).

-The country the notion of "Human Rights" comes from (origin in the aforementioned "siècle des lumières"), but which is now one of the countries in Europe where they are the less observed in prisoners' treatment (just after Turkey). That's what "living on your reputation" means, folks! Still giving lessons around about human rights, just to annoy other countries (exactly the same as the US do about democracy).

-The country where the first touristic destination in the world is located (aka Paris). Note that people from Paris are considered as weird and unpleasant by most of the other people in France. You're not the only one ;). But some people say that they're that way just to annoy people from other countries!

-and so on... you can imagine the other sarcastic-but-friendly comments by yourself if you've been there! (And if you haven't, go and see before writing bullshit!)
-man, I tell ya, French people are jerks!
-Shut your shithole, you've only been to Paris, you don't know France!
by PiLS November 02, 2007
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So Hot That It Hurts
Mainly used by are SSTIH, that SOABFO and that have SNL (So Stupid That It Hurts, Suck On A Big Fat One, and Soooooo No Life, respectively
"-Everyone got to love me cause I'm totally SHTIH
-Go get a life and learn to speak, dumbass"
by PiLS October 23, 2007
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A less derogatory, more politically correct word for the infamous term "shampoo". As for now, should be used by all haircare-friendly and/or open-minded people as a replacement for its hateful devaluating counterpart. The organization of a worldwide parade is currently being considered.
"I can't date you tonight, I have to pridpoo my hair"
by PiLS October 23, 2007
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