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To hang wash yoru clothes is similar to hang drying them, only more lazy. It constitutes putting worn clothes on a hanger or over a shower curtain or towel rack for a few days. After an appropriate amount of time, the clothes are considered "clean" again.

There may be a limit imposed on how many times clothes can be hang washed before they must be subjected to actual soap and water.
Dude 1: When the washer in my apartment broke, I had to hang wash my clothes for an entire month!

Dude 2: Dude 1, that's gross.
by Phoenyx September 30, 2006
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It might me a noun, it might be a verb, and we think Strongbad might have an uncle one-of-these.
I, uh, I don't even know what a poopaw is.
by Phoenyx March 3, 2005
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1 A Jedi pupil or student, or broadly used as anyone that is learning

2 A nickname used, often demeaningly, on someone trying to be as good as you are.
You're learning well, padawan

Someone: Distributor? That's the thing with wires coming out of it right?
Sometwo: Very good, young padawan, but you still have much to learn.
by Phoenyx July 3, 2005
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Lane rejection is when you're sitting at a red light on a multi-lane road, and the person coming up behind you switches lanes to get behind someone else who looks faster.
My Pinto gets lane rejected all the time. Sometimes I'm the only one in my lane!

I've got to get a new car, I've got a chronic case of Lane Rejection!
by Phoenyx March 25, 2006
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One step too far too fast when trying to get into someone's pants at a bar. A bogey is a good way to get labeled desperate or, even worse, creepy. Comes from the golf term meaning one over par.
Mike: So can I buy you a drink?
Girl: Sure
Mike: Wanna go for a quickie in the bathroom?
Bystander: Ohh! Bogey!
by Phoenyx May 3, 2006
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A one-hand grip maneuver performed on a scrotum; either your own (usually during the penis showing game), or someone else's (during oral sex, foreplay or cbt). The scrotum is grabbed near the base, squeezing until the skin is tight and the testicles beneath bulge out to form the appearance of left and right "lobes" of a brain.
And right when he walked around the corner, POW! got him with the brains!
by Phoenyx November 15, 2006
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