Hot guy or girl who is bring his bros some hoes.
“Hey it’s Dan, he brought hoes
Fuck yeah, he is the best distributor I’ve ever met”
by Hardboiledboi March 16, 2019
1.) A mechanical device used on older gasoline engines to control ignition timing. The rotation of the engine, usually from a gear on the camshaft, spins a rotor. On the distributor's cap are points; as the rotor spins, it makes electrical contact with the points in sequence (the firing order). This sends power from the ignition coil to the spark plug, firing the air/fuel charge inside the cylinder on the power stroke.

2.) A person or group that distributes something. The connotation is usually something illegal such as marijuana; however, several legit grocery chains utilize massive networks of distributors. A distributor may or may not actually sell the product, their job is mainly to transport the goods to the point of sale.
Dom's already got an MSD coil, low-resistance wires, and plugs in it; today, he puts in a new distributor.

I wanna get high, but the distributor got caught.
by Thunderchin October 29, 2014
When someone vomits after too much tequila.
Billy became a mexican distributor last night after that last shot of tequila.
by Jizzle Jammer December 29, 2011
A local business that sells beer by the cases.
Hey I'm gonna run to the beer distributor to grab a case of budlight.
by KennyB October 23, 2019
1) a drug dealer, any
2) a drug dealer who works on the corner or on the sidewalk, not to be confused with an On-line Doctor
I'm looking for a sidewalk pharmaceutical distributor so when i go to the social worker this evening we can have some fun
by Frank Cuzzocrea March 2, 2006
You heard Harry’s a distributor

What’s that

Basically a rent boy for vapes
by Sillylee69 April 16, 2022
Term coined in the deep African wildlands by native tribesmen to describe the feeling of dopamine after the Eldrich Gods beat the Roman Emperor in a duel involving two pistols, 8 oz of Mexican black tar heroin and a cow. Such a turning of the psychological tables evokes notions of sweet sustenance given by a traveller who goes only by the name "John Archibald Bazaro Kennedy Fletcher-Missouri the 12th" and will not appear if not addressed as such. He serves as the distributor for these confectionary items but was secretly in league with the Romans. as such, the food items have been stored in an unsightly cavity without the tribesmen's knowledge.
Abu's father - "Look Abu, John Archibald Bazaro Kennedy Fletcher-Missouri the 12th: the confectionary distributor of the anal variety."
by Trauchen Voodenschtampfern 3rd September 20, 2022