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The year of worldwide revolutions
Ben Ali runs away from Tunisia after 23 years in office in January 2011
Hosni Mubarak is forced out of Egypt in 18 days in February 2011
Moammar Ghaddafi is ousted and killed by the Libyian opposition October 2011
Many more revolutions are occuring in Bahrain, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Kuwait, Morroco, Lebanon and other Arab countries in 2011
Occupy movements are happening in 2069 cities and towns encouraged by OWS late August 2011 to now (still continuing
Some European revolutions(Greece, Spain, Portugal) Summer 2011 still going on
by Philoctetes23 November 25, 2011

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Hobbit Day
Bilbo Baggins and his cousin/heir Frodo Baggins both share a birthday on September 22.
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by Philoctetes23 March 18, 2019

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Atlantean term for the rogue fish that doesn't turn obediently with the rest of the shoal. The black sheep of the group
Aquaman: I've always tried to get past it. The beloved trinity of you and Diana and Batman. Then the loyal and true trio of Lantern, Flash, and Cyborg, adored by the public. Then me. The molwark on the outside.
by Philoctetes23 February 29, 2020

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Do I look like I give two fucks?
Angie: Everyone hates me Sherry, it's not fair. People tease me for being ugly and awkward, I just hate my life.
Sherry: D.I.L.L.I.G.T.F.
by Philoctetes23 December 25, 2019

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