15 definitions by Philly

A smiffy wifter. See smiffy wifter.
Hey look, there's smiffy, lets throw cans at him...better still, rocks.
by Philly February 23, 2005
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The Eagles will deffintley win the Super Bowl this year because they totally rock!
by Philly January 23, 2005
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amazingly talented man!
i love him.
buy his stuff ppl!
omg, damien rice, wow i heard dat stuff tis gud
by Philly July 30, 2004
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My boss is such a Pracunt! I hate him! I wish he would get ran over by a camel.
by Philly May 16, 2003
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Something said when you are on a chat room and your parents are there watching....Parent Over Sholder
person 1-are you single
person 2- P.O.S
person 1- so what was the homework today?
person 2-....
by Philly March 10, 2005
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