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meet-french kiss. term used in ireland.
-to be meeting someone is like to be half dating them. a half sort of commitment between single and going out.
-but to meet someone is a once off deal, usually at paty/disco/drunken state.
-to have met someone is past tense.
-will ya meet him ova der?
-iwas meeting him a while ago but never went out wit him.
-i met him nd him nd him nd him nd him las week at d club.
by philly July 29, 2004

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Totally kick butt Philadelphia Football team.
The Eagles will deffintley win the Super Bowl this year because they totally rock!
by Philly January 23, 2005

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amazingly talented man!
i love him.
buy his stuff ppl!
omg, damien rice, wow i heard dat stuff tis gud
by philly July 29, 2004

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Something said when you are on a chat room and your parents are there watching....Parent Over Sholder
person 1-are you single
person 2- P.O.S
person 1- so what was the homework today?
person 2-....
by Philly March 09, 2005

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1. greatness, superiority
2. a swedish metal band (Greatest band ever)
that cookie is inflames
by Philly January 30, 2005

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1: Having a toastie.

2: A sexual term - a man lies down on his back with a rock hard erection. A woman lies on top of him, face down, another man then lies on of of her, so his rock cock is up her ass. Therefore the bitch is being penetrated at two places, front and rear, a havana toastie is sometimes the beginning of a whole orgy, with possibilities including a cock in her mouth, a dildo up his ass, other members whipping them, coming on them or poking them, or perhaps taking pictures. Occasionaluy the whole thing is incoporated into a chocolate fondue, ie. chocolate all over the orgy, and others dipping their food in it, or their cocks, tits and tongues, this will then be licked off by others. Allegedly popularised in havana, cuba.

This can obviously cause confusion e.g: What are you doing? - havana toastie. - eww...get out of my house. etc.

The regualar spelling of toasty is replaced here by toastie, this is the way havana toastie was traditionally spelt.
Husband: Im so horny!
Wife: How about regular sex?
Porter: NO! Whay dont you have a havana tostie?!
Wife: Gee, that sounds mighty fun, lets give it a go!
Chef: I have some chocolate!
Husband: Great!
Porter: *cums self*
Chef: Dont worry, we will mix that spunk in with the chocolate!
Couple down the corridor: ooh! Scrummy!
Two random chicks who are going to join in: Hi! After this we can all go out for a hot lunch!
Hotel owner: my wife loves havana toasties! we have them every night with the guests! when she is tired she sits out and people lick chocolate off her and come on her hair!
His wife: now i wear a shower cap!

All: ooh, that was a good havana toastie,, lets do it again some time...
by Philly February 23, 2005

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silly goose word derived from numb skull , ie ending
youre such a numbskie
by philly April 05, 2005

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