15 definition by Peter K.

Romance novels with explicit sex.
Derived from "romance" + "erotica".

In some cases this word has been in a humorous, derrogatory, or ironic way used to point out the fact that certain novels are classified as "romance" and therefor seen as more socially acceptable, while other somewhat similar books are classified as "erotica" and recieve harsher social censure.
So you're looking for regency holiday novels with chaste heroines? It doesn't look like we many in the store. Mostly just romantica I'm afraid.
by Peter K. March 13, 2005

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(adj.) having the appearance of newness, futuristic design, and/or technological sophistication, whether or not these qualities are actually present.
Julia's sunglasses struck most of her new friends as neo-techular in design due to their sleek shape and mirrored finish. Little did they know she'd owned this same set of eyewear for five years now and originally bought them from a street vendor for $5.99.
by Peter K. September 04, 2007

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One of the more common extensions of the phrase "on toast", generally used in one of two ways:

Def. 1 (verb): To do something extremely adeptly or well.

Def. 2 (verb): To be exceptionally good or enjoyable.
Def. 1 - Of course Anna wasn't very good at archery the first time she picked up a bow this year, but after a couple months practice she really started to rock on toast during competitions.

Def. 2 - Plush new carpeting, utilities included, central location, and only $450 a month in rent?
Man, your new apartment rocks on toast!
by Peter K. November 28, 2006

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An acronym for "Woman Everyone Can Have But You".

Suggesting someone who is an object of fascination and/or obsession, but unobtainable.

Possibly first coined to refer to an archetype in the Unknown Armies roleplaying game.

Character 1: OMG! Did you see that chick on the bus? She's got everything I need in a woman.

Character 2: Yah, I've seen her around alot before. But seems like she's always in the company of some other guy. I pined after her awhile myself, but eventually just wrote her off as a total WECHBY.
by Peter K. June 14, 2006

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Def. 1 (verb): to genetically alter a non-human species in such a way that they achieve a level and style of intelligence approaching that of human beings.

Def. 2 (noun): the process of uplifting a species.

Def. 3 (noun): an uplifed species or individual members of such a species

Bachground: Possibly first coined by David Brin in his series of science fiction books "The Uplift Saga".
Def. 1 - Although they still had decades of work ahead of them, technology had finally progressed to a level where octopi could be uplifted to become functioning members of human society.
by Peter K. March 13, 2005

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See definition for "workaround".
No example given here.
by Peter K. March 25, 2005

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See "workaround" for definition.
No example available here.
by Peter K. March 25, 2005

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