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A joking or insulting term for Massachusetts.

Derived from tax + Massachusetts.

Specifically alluding to the (possibly correct) idea that state income tax in Massachusetts is significantly higher than the national average.
Seems like every month a fifth of my paycheck goes to government here in Taxachusetts. And come April 15th they'll still want more.
by Peter K. April 11, 2005

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Def 1: In traditional english parlance:
Simply a body or corpse of any kind.

Def 2: In some fantasy literature and role-playing game contexts:
A powerful magician who has prolonged his mortal existence beyond natural life (ie. "undeath") and is immune to many human weaknesses.
Def 1:
They bore the farmer's lich through the church gate for burial.

Def 2:
Example of play:
Game Master: Climbing from the sarcofogus you see a somewhat dessicated and decayed form, clad in the vestments of the old Karbanthi order of wizards.
Player 1: Crap! It must be a lich. I told you we shouldn't have come down this far into the dungeon.
Player 2: No problem, my character is a cleric. I cast holy smite on this undead. *player rolls dice* I rolled a 12.
Game Master: *checks lich stats, grins evily* The lich grins and bellows in a distant, echoing voice, "Foolish mortals. I am not some simple zombie your gods can knock down. You stand before Kworzathash greatest of the Karbanthi... and I will eat your souls for disturbing my work.
*deadly combat ensues*
by Peter K. February 19, 2004

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(noun) way or preference

Generally used in the plural. Especially in the phrase:
"If (person) had (posessive adjective) druthers"

Probably originally derived from a contraction of "would rather".
If he had his druthers, I suspect he'd still be in bed.
by Peter K. March 22, 2005

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Def. 1 (verb) To attempt the same challenging action after failure. Apparently derived from an old adage: "You have to get back on the horse that threw you."

Def. 2 (verb) To get back into a habit. Traditionally this would refer to a good habit, but sarcastically might refer to a bad habit or addiction. Possible confusion with the phrase "on the sauce".
Def. 1 - I know you burned the turkey trying to cook Thanksgiving dinner, but you can't let that stop you if you really want to become a chef. You'll just have to get back on the horse and try cooking it again.

Def. 2 - I'd been trying to do 30 minutes of exercise every day, but my work schedule eventually got so busy I could never make it to the gym. Things have calmed down quite a bit recently though and I keep meaning to get back on the horse and go work out again.
by Peter K. November 28, 2007

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(possibly noun or verb) Possibly translates as:
"A cooperateive society or socities."

"Working together in unity."

Apparently the word is usually uttered at community gatherings like fundraisers for students or sick people.

Possible alternate spelling: Harambe
Example 1: The family mentioned to the village elder that they needed money to send their son away to school. So a festival was held at which the elder stood on a chair shouting "Harambe!" and asking for donations on their behalf.

Example 2: In the last hour of the work day the employees in charge of labeling got a new order needed by the next day. To help them out the boss gathered employees from other areas to work together so everyone could go home on time. As he pitched in to help as well he called out "Harambe!" in an effort to inspire team spirit.
by Peter K. August 18, 2005

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(noun) A set of steps used to compensate for or avoid dealing with a systemic problem rather than fixing it.

Typically used in regard to computers or industrial work-flow.

The term "workaround" implies that there should be a quicker, more efficient, or otherwise better way to accomplish things. But also that such improved methods are unavailable due to some circumstances beyond the control of those directly involved.
It's been noted that Version 2.5 can not read the files normally produced by Version 3.1. The workaround typically used to solve this problem involves saving the file in an unusual format then manually changing the file extension.

He was by far the most inept and inefficient person on the team, but the details of his contract made it prohibitively expensive to fire him outright. So his co-workers invented elaborate workarounds to avoid having to deal with him, effectively making his job unnecessary.
by Peter K. March 25, 2005

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(def 1) On top of, either in a literal or metaphorical sense.

(def 2) Pursuing or showing interest in.

(def 3) Imminent or present.

Cultural note: This phrase has received some popularity due to it's occasional use by the character Strong Bad on the Homestar Runner website.
(def 1) George had three puppies, and every time he sat down to watch TV they were all up on his lap.

(def 2) Commercials would have us believe that a guy just has to use the right brand of deodorant and the ladies will be all up ons him.

(def 3) So it's finally Halloween and the Autumn months are all upon us.
by Peter K. September 04, 2007

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