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Used in a dismissive way when you're out of things to say in a discussion and/or are bored with the topic. In actuality it means nothing, but for a few seconds it sounds like it means something profound, which gives you enough time to switch topics to something you know more about.
Jill: Marijuana should be legalized, the government could make so much money if it were legal, because they could tax it instead of waisting money housing pot users who are in jail.

Jack: That's only as true as it is false. Anyways, did you hear that Johnny got fired from his job?
by Personman01 May 14, 2007
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a town with no means of entertainment or any kind of social, cultural scene; it is so devoid of life it resembles Raccoon City of Resident Evil fame. (i.e. ghost-town)
Tom: Man, there is nothing to do here, let's drive up to Las Vegas and have some real fun!

Harry: I'm down. Now leaving Raccoon City.
by Personman01 May 14, 2007
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any non-computer game played during work hours to pass the time.
From the "The Office" episode "office olympics" - throwing paperclips into someone's coffee cup, bouncing a NERF football against the wall, taking bets on who will exit the elevator next, etc etc.
I'm bored and the server is down - you up for some Dunderball?
by Personman01 May 14, 2007
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adj. {in-tra-cla-mack-u-let}
1. superfluously dramatic in a public setting.
2. fond of creating tension in a situation just to recieve attention or pity and to make another person look bad.
Guy 1: We were at my cousin's party talking about breast size and then she said that I caused her inadequacy issues because I like to watch porn! Everyone gave me the cold shoulder and started consoling her.

Guy 2: Did you call her out on being entraclamaculate?

Guy 1: I couldn't, then that would make me look entraclamaculate.
by Personman01 May 14, 2007
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1. used in a coversation to show disbelief of the previous statement.

2. used as a warning that following the course of action just mentioned will result in impending doom.
1. Tom: Dude I will NEVER take my gf to see that movie.
Harry: Famous last words . . .

2. Tom: I think I should tell my gf we went to the strip club last night.
Harry: Famous last words.
by Personman01 May 14, 2007
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titty bar. (i.e. strip club)*
*can only be used in an exclamatory fashion.
Tom: What do you want to do tonight man?

Drew: TB!
by Personman01 May 14, 2007
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Calling out someone who uses all caps to further emphasize his/her point, implying that thier point is more valid or truthful based on their use of CAP LOCKS.

Calling this person out usually disqualifies them from any further rational conversation and flaming will commence.

Usually used in a heated online discussion (message boards/forums, etc) to indicate frustration with an opposing viewpoint.

Jill: Great point - caps for truth eh?
by Personman01 May 14, 2007
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