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To ejaculate prematurely, usually in a humorous manor.
That girl was so hot, she made me bith.
by persona September 19, 2005

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1. A tattoo worn my a on a girl on the small of the back, just above the butt. Usually stretches from one side of the body to the other.
2. A tattoo on the back commonly seen on strippers and porn stars.
3. A tattoo on a girls back to give you something to look at when having doggystyle sex.
That girl would have been so cool. But she has the worst stripper tattoo, you reckon she pole dances for a living?
by personA September 22, 2003

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How long it takes before Hitler is mentioned, especially in an online argument.
This thread went from zero to Hitler in a mere three posts!
by Persona November 05, 2005

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