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the most thickest most baddest girls are born on this day. if you were born on may 23 it’s your birthright to slay.
I was born on may 23
by PerfectPradaPrincess December 25, 2019
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Hanging out with friends, but the fun never ends.

I rhymed!
Girl 1: I am having a sleepover with Jules tonight!
Girl 2: I bet you won't really be sleeping!
by PerfectPradaPrincess December 10, 2019
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Stella is a beautiful, intelligent, glamorous, and overall fabulous fireball of a girl. A word that describes her is: Queen. She is sassy yet sweet, smart yet gorgeous, and athletic yet girly. Her fashion sense is out of this world, and she is beautiful to match her great outfits. A Stella is likely a dancer, and is an amazing performer. Sugar addict for sure. Stella means star, and she certainly lives up to her name. She has her priorities in line, and everyone loves her. She has the ability to make anyone laugh, and to command the attention of everyone in the room. She is so much fun, while still being the definition of perfect. If you have a Stella, hold on to her tightly and never let go.
Girl 1: Who is that girl that looks like an ACTUAL model?
Girl 2: Stella of course!!!

Boy 1: Stella is so hot!!!
Boy 2: I know right?
Girl 1: She seems super rude...
Boy 1: Actually, she’s the opposite!!!
by PerfectPradaPrincess April 09, 2020
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Boy: You so thiccccc
Girl: Thanks?
Boy: Don’t worry, that’s a good thing.
by PerfectPradaPrincess December 05, 2019
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