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Pronounced OYE-F

Basically Danny DeVito saying oof
Friend: She rejected me
Me: Oif that sucks man
by PepsiRat#2 January 31, 2020
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A name given by the two trumpets in a very special band to the singular tuba player. The great tuban is normally a girl with short hair and glasses who frequently runs out of breath. She is worshipped by all the sevies of the band and is funny and weird.

The Great Tuban is the highest member of the band, and is like the "god" of the band. However, the Tuban is not actually a god, therefore they are not immortal, but the Tuban has an immortal spirit. The Tuban is still a holy being, and plays more instruments then anyone in the band.

The Tuban is in an alliance with the Donald Trumpians. They are enemies with the Clarinets and the Alto saxaphones. The Flutes and Trombones of the band are nuetral as far as I know, and Percussion is also in alliance with the Tuban.

The Tuba is the most important instrument in the band, as it has to be the bottom of the sound pyramid holding the other instruments up. The Great Tuban is a very important person, but without the help of the other instruments and people in the band, they would not thrive.
Sevie: Hello the Great Tuban. Today we shall nuke the clarinets.

Great Tuban: Yes we shall MWAHAHHAHAHA
by PepsiRat#2 February 01, 2020
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