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Noun: the amalgamation of "stress" and "session";

A period of time spent stressing about a subject, task, event or occurance, usually ended by a revelation about the subject, task, event or occurance which means you needed not stress as much.
Dude, I totally forgot about that assignment I had to do. Had a stression in my room until I remembered we don't have Jenkins till Wednesday!

Friend 1: I think I knocked up my girlfriend...
Friend 2: Hmmmm, perhaps a stression is in order?
by PeppersRUs October 31, 2010

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Noun: a mobile phone.
Just send her a message on her button box, man.
by PeppersRUs November 18, 2010

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Noun: word vomit.

amalgamation of "literature" and "regurgitation"
Mate I was totally tryin to get into her with the best smooth talkin I could think of, but it ended up just literagurgitation all over the place... Nasty.
by PeppersRUs November 24, 2010

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