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Amazingly talented guitarist, keyoboarist and vocalist. Frontman to in my opinion the most amazing band the World has ever seen: Radiohead.
"Whoa man look its Thom Yorke he is just totally N" "Everything in its right place"
by Pauly G February 06, 2005

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X guitarist of Blur who has now gone solo and has released some amazing songs.
"He look its Graham!! he is really freaking out!"
by Pauly G February 07, 2005

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One of the greatest albums of all time by the Pixes. On my first listen I hated this album, i thought it was just noise. But giving it a few listens I'v uncovered its brilliance. Listen to it, give it time and you too will love it.
"Whoa that guy is listening to Surfer Rosa!! Man he must be minted!!"
by Pauly G September 28, 2005

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Amazing band,very underated, bit like Radiohead very prog rock full of violins and pianos and some great guitar work!!! Also amazing live band!!
Person 1:"I'm listening to the Lost Riots its a class album by hope of the states"
Person 2: Hey give me a listen.....HEY THIS IS GOOD!!!
by Pauly G February 28, 2005

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