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Looking and comparing midsections when out people watching.
Look at that hotties stomach! (Friend) Hey dude that's some serious bit of abservation!
by Paul Khanna July 10, 2008
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A run of luck, often in reference to money (perhaps related to the silver line that runs through many banknotes).
After selling his idea to all the top Hollywood studios, Paul's silverstreak continued when he married a Playboy bunny.
by Paul Khanna October 08, 2006
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A bland landscape.
Man, look at all those multinational stores one after another, it's such a blandscape.
by Paul Khanna June 03, 2009
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Being constantly dehydrated due to regular consumption of caffeine containing drinks.
"No wonder she looks like a wrinkly prune. She's totally teahydrated from being jacked up on Earl Grey."
by Paul Khanna November 01, 2008
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