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A woman/man who works behind the bar in a strip club and regularly masterbates over the strippers.
Man: I once had a girlfriend, she was a megawhore. She'd come back from work so wet, I could collect her fadge juice in a cup and use is as lube for the serious buggeration she recieved afterwards.

Woman: My husband is a megawhore, he loves his job an awful lot. God knows what he gets up to.
by PatrickWolf July 24, 2009

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The brother of Poontang
A Tangatari is a penis.
Girl: I need to get myself some Tangatari
Gay Best Friend: Me too, I'm gagging for it.

(Sexy Man enters)

Sexy Man: Hey! Do you two fancy a lick of my Tangatari?
Girl + Gay Best Friend: YES PLEASE!
by PatrickWolf September 02, 2009

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