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Sending money or gift to someone knowing full well that you are likely getting the same amount or identical gift from that same person in return as a gift.
I gave my brother some cash for X-mas and he gave me the same amount for my X-mas gift. Gotta love a Boomerang Gift!
by Patrick Wilde December 12, 2009
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Any text message consisting of less than four words which is usually sent from a distracted or disinterested party. Opposite of "Bible Text"
"Hey man what's going on with that girl you met last weekend?"

"Not much, just a bunch of Magic Eight Ball Texts"
by Patrick Wilde July 30, 2009
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Getting paid or coming into a large amount of money whether by legal or nefarious means.
"Yo man I just got my pimp stack today so we're going out tonight !"
by Patrick Wilde December 16, 2008
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