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1.germanic tribe from yonkies ago
2.a style of writing or artwork.
3.a group of people who listen to gothic music such as Vampyrouss, Sisters of mercy, Bella morte, Bauhus, The Cruxshadows, siouxsie and the banshees,The cure and other such bands.
4.people who dress to fit the person they are, people who dont care about social norms, or what people think of them, they always want to learn and find new ways to express themselves
5.(this is an example of not goth) people who listen to marilyn manson, slipknot, KoRn, limp biskit and hang around in the mall out side shops wearing band shirts and badly applied black eyeliner and lipstick.claiming to be different while their friend standing next to them looks like a clone.
1.check wikipedia
2.victorian style buildings, dracula, wuthering heights,jane eyre and in some respects romeo and juliet..in some ways.
3.the bands listed above.(vampyrouss and the cruxshadows beign the best there :P)
4.opposite of a teeny bopper
5.marilyn manson, those kids standing outside hot topic saying man im so goth right now.
by ParasiticVampyric March 03, 2009
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An Off Shoot Of 80's Punk, emo is basically a more femine version of punk.
the word emo comes from the word emotive NOT emotional as most people seem to think.
Emo fashion is generally tight jeans, long fringe with the back short, the fringes vary in colour (common colours being red, blue and blonde) but the short spikes are 90% of the time black the rest of the time they have long plantinum blonde hair.
band tshirts and stripy clothing are the norm in emo fashion as is normal shirts that have been modified by them.

in general emos are either christian or athiest though there are a percent who like to fancy the idea of being satanist (but fail miserable as satanism fails)

emo music is made up of many good bands and also many SHIT bands...shit ones being hawthorne heights, the used and underoath. good emo bands are escape the fate, from first to last and atreyu.

emo has been around for ages but it comes and goes, each time slightly different.

a large percent of emo's claim to be bisexual, around a third of the time this isnt true they just think it makes them seem cool.

scene emos are annoy little twats, who piss me off endlessly.
true emos..not scene that is..are usually cool people once you get to know them and soem of my closest friends are emo.
Sonny moore,
that kid in the corner,
that dude that looks like a hot chick thats holding the bong over there...and stole my bud.
Randy romance.
not that kid who goes round saying hey guys look at me im emo, look my lifes so sad see i cut myself (that is a scene kid)
by ParasiticVampyric March 03, 2009
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The Act Of Shop Lifting Or Doing Something Very Ninja Like.
Guy1 "hey what you up to?"
Guy2 "not much just going ninjaing"
Guy1 "oh ok cool could u get me a mars bar?"
by ParasiticVampyric March 03, 2009
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When You Are Really Stoned, Past Being
guy1 "man i just had sooooo many cones..im so beached right now"
guy2 "dude me too, pass the chips"
by ParasiticVampyric March 03, 2009
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