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A phrase, when said, causes a nuclear explosion. This was assumed to be caused by a mysterious machine of Mars, whihc flung an explosive towards the source of the phrase, but after its destruction, Zeeky Boogy Doog was still unsafe to say, therefore something else is to blame for these nuclear explosions. Most commonly said by the infamous Zeeky H. Bomb, a bomb with a crazed look on its face.
Blah Guy:Ooh, an ant! Wait a minute, that's not an ant...
*zoom in on ant*
Ant(with Zeeky H. Bomb for a head):Zeeky Boogy Doog!
*nuclear explosion*
by Pancake October 10, 2003

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One with a strange hair style consisting of two balls of hair on one's head, with long hair flowing from said balls of hair. This especially pertains to a sailor moon reference, as the term was created by the (horribly) dubbed version of the show.

"You know, no offense Serena, but you've got the funniest hair. Looks like a pair of meatballs!"
"Meatballhead! Don't go in there alone! You'd probably get lost in your own closet!" - Darien to Serena.
by Pancake December 23, 2003

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A act of taking a solid shit on your partners chest and then proceeding to sit on said shit and moving in a rotating motion to form a flat pancake-like turd.
I had to go to store to buy an extra roll of toilet paper because i had a wisonsin pancake with Keith last night.
by PANCAKE June 06, 2014

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the very nature of man. nothing more, nothing less, looks good on your mom's face.
"i just cummed on your mom's face, and boy does my nature look good on her."
by pancake December 14, 2003

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PANCAKE!!!! Pancaking pancaked pancaker.
Pancake pancake. Pancake, pancaking pancaker. Pancake?
by pancake April 18, 2005

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