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Name affectionately given to dogs believed to be reincarnated versions of other dogs.
This dog is so much like my other dog that it must be Seuss!
by Painya September 14, 2006

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The name of any location with a temperature that is considerably colder than your liking. This phrase should be reserved for extreme circumstances, not just mild discomfort.
I just got back from the garage and, let me tell you, it is burr-ass cold tittytown out there!
by Painya January 11, 2010

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Shorthand for alerting someone that information sent in a text message was completely flawed and nonsensical.
Text #1: I’m gonna 2 nit sound mice to stay at home 41.

Text #2: I’m not going 2nite. Sounds nice to stay at home 4 1nce. #momtext
by Painya May 22, 2012

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