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The best town in the Florida... no, wait, the entire WORLD. That is, if you're a) on crack; b) a redneck; or c) over 55.
The only entertainment for teens is the small and extremely dull mall and the overpriced movie theatre. Wait... that's in the next town.
World-famous as the former Best Place To Live, and now as "the place that got destroyed by Hurricane Charley" in August 2004.
Most middle and high school students now attend school in portables thanks to the hurricane that wiped out the (ancient and already falling apart) schools. The high school's mascot is a Fighting Tarpon, and yes, that is a type of fish. The high school is filled with terrible academics, stupid people, a heavy concentration of rednecks and that annoying "I-hate-the-world-so-I'm-going- to-dress-all-in-black-and-not-shower" type of people, vicious and cruel-hearted teachers, and "guidance counselors" that try to send honors students to the local community college.
Punta Gorda is the home to a lot of old people year-round and even more during the winter. None of these old people are good drivers. It is also home to a lot of people who graduated from the high school and whose children have teachers that taught their parents.
Almost every person under 18 complains about Punta Gorda constantly and plans on leaving imediately following graduation. In fact, getting out of Punta Gorda is such a big deal that some people may even kill themselves if they don't get the hell out of the godforsaken town.

When Punta Gorda was on CNN in August 2004 after Hurricane Charley, the caption said, "Punta Gorda - A retirement community."

And yes, Punta Gorda really is THAT BAD.
Punta Gorda translates as: Fat Point, Fat Bitch, Fat Whore, etc, depending on who you ask.

Students: Go Tarpons!
Out of town people: What the hell is a tarpon?!

Guidance Counselor: So what are your plans after high school?
Guidance Counselor: Really? Well you should try going to the community college! *shoves pamphlets in the student's face*
by PLAH January 03, 2006

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An expression with a wide variety of uses, ranging from an exclamation of frustration to a highly threatening battle cry. Also used to express extreme happiness, disbelief, or surprise and alarm.
1) This math homework sucks. PLAH!
3) I'm bored. *poke* plah!
6) Plah..DID YOU SEE THAT?!?!?!
7) That's plahtastic
8) PLAH! *insert name here* HAS A STAPLER! RUN AWAY!
9) You are upsetting me. *response here* Plah.
10) PLAH I CANT WAIT FOR SERENITY! (as said by obsessive fans)
by PLAH September 25, 2005

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The act of piling more people than is legal (or comfortable) into a car in order to transport said people to a certain destination. It originated with the transport of 7 passengers in a 6-passenger minivan to Busch Gardens. This is most common in minivans with 2 seats in the middle row and 3 seats in the back. One person has to sit in between the seats in the middle row. Resourceful passengers in the past have found ways to get comfortable and even fall asleep while sitting on "The Floor" and this seat is switched out every time the vehicle stops. Whoever sits on "The Floor" is entirely responisble for being aware of whenever police cars are nearby so that they can duck and the others can cover them up.
Everyone in the back has to sit on "The Floor" at some point but whoever has shotgun never has to sit on "The Floor" so that's the best spot to be.
Person 1: How are all of us getting to (insert location here) in your 4-passenger car?
Person 2: It's okay, we're pulling a Busch Gardens.
Person 1: Oh. Sweet.
by PLAH January 05, 2006

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A (COPYRIGHTED) term which originally referenced one unfortunate teenage girl who strongly resembles a Cro-Magnon female in appearance. Now used as a nickname to describe any female who resembles a Neanderthal, but to distinguish from the original Neanderthal Girl, the town is added to the name. Example: PCNG (Port Charlotte Neanderthal Girl).
None of them can beat the original though.
The mythological residence of the so-called "Modern-Day Neanderthals" is a place called "Neanderpines" supposedly located near Tampa, Florida. However, in real life, these Cro-Magnon lookalikes can be found in any community across America, though the original, and many others, are found in south Florida.
Some common characteristics of Neanderthal Girls include, but are not limited to, the following: Extremely bushy eyebrows (or a unibrow); protruding brow bones; crooked, yellow, or just plain BAD teeth; an overly large and misshapen nose; really ratty, greasy, frizzy, unkempt hair; a protruding and/or overly square jaw; short stature; and possible (though not proven) uncanny ability to hunt and make stone tools, with little knowledge of agriculture as it prefers a more primitive method of hunting and gathering.
Personality wise, they are annoying, intelligent but hopelessly lacking in the common sense department, irritatingly random, and think they are attractive.
The theme song of Neanderthals everywhere:
"I'm a Neanderthal man, you're a Neanderthal girl, let's make Neanderthal love, in this Neanderthal world."

"Where can you see Neanderthals? Only in Neanderpines."
by PLAH January 03, 2006

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