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i want to shake your hand
by penis October 05, 2003

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Another way to say "penis"
Wow, 733t p3n1s.
by Penis January 29, 2003

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a person who puts on a fake personality just to be in the "scene".
fuck scene whores.
by penis December 28, 2003

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a musician that writes music that he himself would consider crappy and lame. this is generally done solely to make money.
Aerosmith was cool back in the day, but they really sold out with that Jaded shit.
by Penis August 08, 2003

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practice where teens prepare for their future by sitting there, being fat, and drinking beer.
Mike Duggan was the god of dugganism.
by Penis April 07, 2004

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someone who is trying to get all in your business
"this pushy bitch, too much like a trojan to be up in here"
by penis August 20, 2003

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The ~1 foot tall, ~2.5 inches tall cylindrical tube that Pringles come in. Can also easily be converted into a Masturbation Tool when desperate.
I use this Pringle Tube to masturbate
by Penis September 13, 2003

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