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A person of African American decent.
There was no chicken left at the Bar-B-Q because all the Spooks ate it.
by PCFAHQ May 18, 2005

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a sweaty stinky sore hole in which a desperate person will insert there digit.
Man i haven't gotten laid in months i need to see that swamptwat.
by PCFAHQ May 19, 2005

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A term to describe a homosexual male.
Referers to the act of riding another man ass like a horse. hence making it cowboy like.
Province Town is filled with Colon Cowboys.
by PCFAHQ May 19, 2005

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Vrb: The act of chugging a beer back while raising it in the air.
I always find it fun to Chinese Chug a beer or two while camping.
by PCFAHQ May 24, 2005

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