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A word describing a gathering after a party or sosial event. Usually taking place after the bars have closed and stopped serving drinks. It usually takes place in a private residence and is closy connected to the vorspiel which takes place before you go out.

The nachspiel will usually also feature more melow music.
Person1: Hey man the bar is closing want to grab a taxi home?
person2: Nah I got a invited to a nachspiel!
by Pål Henriksen February 26, 2008
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Closely linked to the nachspiel it is a party taking place before you go out on the town. usually taking palce in a private residence the object of the vorspiel is to socialise with friends while getting drunk and saving money by not having to drink as much when out on the town.

striktly translated from german it means forplay in a sexual meaning, but has been adoped by nordic countries as a party term.
Person1: Hey want to go to the disco/pub at 6?
person2: Nah I got invited to a vorspiel that lasts until 10.
by Pål Henriksen February 26, 2008
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