A word describing a gathering after a party or sosial event. Usually taking place after the bars have closed and stopped serving drinks. It usually takes place in a private residence and is closy connected to the vorspiel which takes place before you go out.

The nachspiel will usually also feature more melow music.
Person1: Hey man the bar is closing want to grab a taxi home?
person2: Nah I got a invited to a nachspiel!
by Pål Henriksen February 26, 2008
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From German, meaning "nightplay", and is a kind of party after the party. Involves the people who don't want to go home after the bars close, bad alcohol (usually some leftovers from the foreplay) and a guitar-playing guy on the couch. After an hour or two it involves puke, complains from the neighbours and drunk people sleeping around the apartement.
We can't go home now, let's go to Fred's, he's having a nachspiel
by kiara25 January 27, 2007
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