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I have sooooooo much homework this week.
by Ozzy The Gamer Dog November 6, 2020
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She told me that my dick's not very long
So I wrote this song, so you can sing along
Errybody knows why I've been gone
'Cause she thought I had a big schlong
We need some medication (Bitch)
A little dedication
This shit's too real
My meat's so tiny they only let me order Happy Meals (Go)

Verse 1: Hooligan Christian
Hooligan Christian (Brrr)
Walking down the halls (Woo, woo)
Dick so small (Okay), piss all on my balls (Ouch, ouch)
I can't tell if I'm hard or soft (Yeah)
She says I'm great like the Chinese wall (Ching-chong)
Your girlfriend wanna take all of my pants off (Okay, okay)
I said hell nah, bitch, just get your hands off (Okay, okay)
Ah shit, drippin' like a faucet
Go to the bank, make a deposit (Woo)
Negative 32 bucks in my wallet, but back to the topic
Walk it or talk it

Verse 2: Dylan Polley
Suckin' my dick in the bathroom the bitch wanna suck on my nut
Eating that booty like pudding and riding this dick till I bust (Ayy, ayy)
She said she tasting my sauce, ayy (Sauce)
She said she sucking my balls, ayy

Feeling her love for my closet, ayy
She making my dick fall off, ayy
Making my dick fall off, yeah
Come and jump off of my cock, yeah
My boys and we got small cocks, yeah
Condom is gonna fall off, bitch
Filling me up and I'm slowing it down and that bitch wanna give me the crown (Crown)
Fucking it up and I got a small dick in that bitch and it's making her frown (Bitch)

Chorus: Coope
She told me that my dick's not very long
by Ozzy The Gamer Dog October 29, 2020
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the loudest gun in the fucking world
he shot a 50 BMG and I couldn't hear damn shit for a week
by Ozzy The Gamer Dog October 27, 2020
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If you take two baseballs and one bat you can make this; 8======>
by Ozzy The Gamer Dog November 6, 2020
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by Ozzy The Gamer Dog November 6, 2020
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Swedish Youtuber who was probably a comedian at one point. Subscribe to him and make sure no one is subscribed to CoCoMeLoN. We gotta reach 200 Million.
by Ozzy The Gamer Dog June 4, 2021
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