13 definitions by Ozzy

money grubbing lazy woman wont work moves relitives in your house
My wife is being a queefie again.
by Ozzy May 20, 2003
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Marijuanna--Cannabis. It kind of sounds like what the drug feels like.
Let's smoke some mawi wawi.
by Ozzy February 08, 2005
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A magik(c) user who is devoted to the study of life and death and specialises in spells and incantations to with people both alive and dead.
by Ozzy July 09, 2003
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damn, my milk shake really is better than yours. cause you knoe it really does bring all the boyz to da yard, and Jewzzz be in the holidae hizzle.
hic-a-doo-la, dont make me over-estamate you.
by Ozzy December 03, 2003
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Rare name. Popularity rank #16375 in the USA. Adapted from a legendary monster which became common in dreams around the 1930s. The dinosaur-like monster appeared in Blue and Purple colours, estimated 15 foot high, with flat teeth - a leaf eater, was an educational dream for children in the southern regions of Greater London in the UK. There were no reports of adults having a vision of the Odinosaurus.
Tom Odino; Dick Odino; Harry Odino
by Ozzy January 11, 2005
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