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Means two in the binary (base-2) numeral system.
Means three in the ternary (base-3) numeral system.
Means four in the quaternary (base-4) numeral system.
And so on...

One exception is the unary (base-1) system, where 10 probably means "WTF? ^^".
Caveman: 10 is WTF? ^^!
Computer: 10 is two!
Octopus: 10 is eight!
Modern human: 10 is ten!
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: 10 is thirteen!
Haxxor: 10 is sixteen!
God: 10 is infinite!
by Oxeye Daisy October 15, 2006

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A nasty website that spawns an endless flurry of pop-up windows with various porn pics. Accompanied by a loud sound clip: "HEY EVERYBODY!! I'M LOOKING AT GAY PORN!!"

What to do when encountering Last Measure:
1. Turn off the monitor before the images load.
2. Turn off the speakers before the sound loads.
(If you can, do steps 1 and 2 at the same time.)
3. Hard reboot the computer.
As I'm writing this, I just got Last Measure'd and had to hard reboot the computer.
by Oxeye Daisy December 01, 2006

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Something that can not justify burning cats. (see also: NEDM)
- Doom music is awesome!
- Yeah, but it can't justify burning cats.
by Oxeye Daisy October 06, 2006

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A numeral system with 3 digits: 0, 1 and 2.

The rightmost digit has the value 1, the digit to the left of it has the value 3 (10=3, 20=6). The digits to the left of that are 3*3 (9), 3*3*3 (27), 3*3*3*3 (81) and so on...

Similar to the binary byte, the ternary system has tryte, six ternary digits. There are 729 possible trytes. (compare with 256 possible bytes!)
Consider the tryte 201202 for example:

2 * 3^5 (243) = 486
0 * 3^4 (81) = 0
1 * 3^3 (27) = 27
2 * 3^2 (9) = 18
0 * 3^1 (3) = 0
2 * 3^0 (1) = 2

486+27+18+2 = 533

So 201202 in ternary means 533 in decimal!
by Oxeye Daisy October 16, 2006

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Engrish phrase from the ending of the arcade version of Zero Wing.

Could theoretically be the twisted parallel universe version of All your base are belong to us, a phrase from the intro to the console version of the same game.

AD 2111
All bases of CATS were destroyed.
It seems to be peaceful, but it is incorrect.
CATS is still alive.
ZIG-01 must fight against CATS again,
and down with them completely!

Good luck.
by Oxeye Daisy October 13, 2006

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Tilde. The best letter ever. Used as a diacritic mark in Spanish (ã, õ, ñ).
yourmom: yo sup
linkinparkownz: nuffin
yourmom: k
OxeyeDaisy: We interrupt this program. You have been tilde'd. ~~~~~~
Bot: linkinparkownz WAS KICKED.
Bot: yourmom WAS KICKED.
OxeyeDaisy: Hehehe... ·_-
by Oxeye Daisy October 06, 2006

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The example is a paradox.
The definition is not a paradox.
by Oxeye Daisy October 03, 2006

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