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The girl who you are friends with but don't want a relationship. This may be because she is unattractive physically and/or mentally, or because you have tried dating her and it didn't work out. This is the girl you can talk to about anything, almost like she's one of the guys.
It's easier for me to talk to my home girl because there is no attraction or flirting going on
by Optical Epilepsy December 14, 2009

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A rapper/hip hop artist who is materialistic, usually misogynist and only sees things for the obvious that they are, and is does not look deeper into it.

Typically attached to record company puppet strings and found on television and radio speaking of things that you can ONLY obtain, or very simple 3rd grade analogies about them (I'm hotter than the sun).

These rappers are not impressive and you can sometimes predict what their gonna say because of how simple the lyrics are. They are typically uneducated and ironically are the most popular and commercially successful rappers.

However I wouldn't consider EVERY shallow rapper to be naturally like that, MOST of them use to be more creative and deep but had to change due to America's ignorant "dumb it down" demand for music
Lil Wayne

Nicki Minaj

Gucci Mane

Soulja Boy


Shawty Lo

ANY rapper that sings

MOST shallow rappers became popular because of one song that is a party/dance single

(a rare exception would be Lupe Fiasco)
by Optical Epilepsy April 11, 2010

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A term used to describe how common and intense ass will be in the area. The probability of ass and intensity are affected by 3 factors

1. Income: With lower income comes more ass and higher income comes less ass. Poor neighborhoods have more booty than rich neighborhoods.

2. Sexual activity: This is pretty obvious why. Cities and neighborhoods that have more sex will also have more ass due to that being desired during sex.

3. Predominate race: Black girls most likely to have a nice ass, hispanics are less likely, and whites are unlikely. So if the neighborhood is predominately black or hispanic, you will see more booty.
(flat girl walks by)

Boy1: That's gross, where are we?

Boy2: Were in North Dakota, this place has terrible booty geography, so get use to it

Boy1: We need to take a trip to Mississippi one year

Boy2: We will one day, trust me we will
by Optical Epilepsy April 29, 2010

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A number used to measure how sexually attractive a girl is by comparing her butt to her waist. This also shows how big a girl's butt truly is.

This is obtained by measuring the smallest part around a girl's waist and subtracting that from the largest part measured around a girls butt and thighs.

The following A/W Ratios are in inches

>0: Waist is bigger than butt, she must be flat and fat which won't look good at all. Fortunately this is rare (>5%)

1-5: Her butt is ok, this might not look good everyday and probably won't grab your attention. This is quite common

6-9: Her butt is pretty big, this is very noticeable and probably will grab your attention. This is quite uncommon


10+: Her butt is amazing, this looks unreal and might make you stare for a bit. This is also known as an extreme ass. This is extremely rare, and you may not see another one like this for months.


The distribution of the different A/W Ratios depends on booty geography
(girl walks in)

Boy1: (Looks briefly then turns to Boy2) She's alright....

Boy2: She has a pretty face but that ass to waist ratio isn't too good

Boy1: Yea she's got an ass but she's also got a fat stomach

Boy2: Her A/W Ratio must be like 4 or 5
by Optical Epilepsy April 29, 2010

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A term to describe a butt that is unusually big. This will make you stare and maybe even drool. The official way to determine this is an ass to waist ratio of 10 or higher, however when it cannot be measured it is discretionary.

booty geography will tell you where this is the most common and least common
(girl walks in)

Boy1: (stares at girl with eyes wide) DAMN!!!!!

Boy2: (stares at girl with eyes wide) That girl is super thick

Boy1: (still staring) She's got an extreme ass
by Optical Epilepsy April 29, 2010

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When somebody is arguing verbally, they realize that they are wrong, and start to raise their voice and rudely change the topic of the argument so they can be right and you can feel bad. Typically begins with a personal insult with multiple cuss words.

People that do this clearly don't care about what the argument was actually about, they only care about winning an argument making someone feel bad, or getting the last word. This is very immature, and you should not participate
Jeff: You can make more money if you go to college, and get a degree

Peter: No you can't cause you gotta pay to get into college, and gotta be there for like 4 years

Jeff: Yes, but when your done, you can make much more money than somebody who didn't go to collge

Peter: (raises voice) Well even if you go to college, your still a bitch with no life, I'll have a life without college

Jeff: Wow, you really have to resort to handicapped arguing, grow the fuck up
by Optical Epilepsy March 19, 2010

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1. Somebody who always looks on the dark side, thinks negatively, and assumes what can go wrong should go wrong.

2. A person who replies to statements, and situations ignoring anything good that happened and only points out the bad things
(Definition 1, Tom being the pessimaster)
Tom: Somebody's gonna come to school with a gun and shoot us
Craig: That's not gonna happen, man don't think like that

Tom: Dude you know there are crazy people in the school, someone will start shooting one day

(Definition 2, Craig being the pessimaster)

Tom: The running back just got like 40 yards on the play

Craig: But he didn't get a touchdown

Tom: He still got a big gain, and it was a sweet run

Craig: But somebody tackled him and stopped the play, so it wasn't that sweet
by Optical Epilepsy September 08, 2009

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