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A forbidden word. For though Billy said "Banana!", Not knowing the horrors that lie inside the heads of the populace. Shunned; he was. Tormentend by them, thou was. Torment minds THEY share, but one that he doesn't posess. Innocent, his mind was. "He said banana! HAH HAH", cried the degenerates. "You said banana!!! You fool!" Billy Didn't know what the populace meant. And that knowledge; he will never possess.

So basically never say banana in front of other men. Don't be like Billy. For banana means...Dick
"Gross! You sucked that dude's banana? I thought you were better than this!"
by One whom Yotes July 6, 2018
An SCP that is a part of the, you guessed it, SCP Universe.
Object class: Keter
SCP-169 Us a big ass snake monster thing hundreds of thousands of kilometers long. Therefore it is obviously unable to be contained.

Useless facts: Using Measurements from a blue whale, SCP-169 is 250,000 times the length of said blue whales. The average size of a blue whales' dick is 3 meters. 3 meters × 250,000 is 750km. That's is ONE BIG DICK. The volume of the nut that a blue whale splurges is 400 gallons. 400 × 250,000 is 100 million. This thing splurges the volume of 151 Olympic Swimming pools. Huh.
Because of its size, SCP-169 cannot and almost certainly will never be contained—no structure on Earth is large enough or strong enough to contain SCP-169. The location of SCP-169 is not precisely known, but imaging satellites and analyses of eccentricities in the Earth's orbit suggest SCP-169 is located in the southern Atlantic Ocean, possibly stretching around the tip of South America.
by One whom Yotes February 9, 2019