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To harrass a group of people for years in a row and get owned in a 3 minute rump with a cyber female character that is really a guy; all this while being recorded by a 3rd party and posting it around the world-wide-web. Topping it off by denying anything and everything.
After I got ceciliantas by half the world; I stopped being a female-product bag.
by Omegamerc December 21, 2004

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Also known as wow or world of warcraft, in which after quickly reaching the 'maximum' level, one is forced to sodomize furry creatures for an extreme amount of hours in order to gain reputation points through out the world. This allows Blizzard to collect $15.00 a month without the actual player advancing. Players do it in hopes of getting a good reward sometime down the road when Blizzard Entertaintment revises them.
"Im tired of accumulating this reputation for Ogrim, 4 weeks and im half way to exaulted. "
'Tell me about it, I've been at it for weeks and got nowhere.'
"Repucraft is sucking the big one right now."
by OmegaMerc February 20, 2006

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In order not to offend anyone in the larger three religions of the U.S. this word has been created to honor them three, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Chanukah.
"Hey man! Merry Kwanzonica! and a possible happy new year!"
by omegamerc December 24, 2005

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Tech Term:

Started when a moth was found between two relays inside a government(US) computer back when a computer occupied an entire room/storage center.

Flash back to the new century and a bug refers to a glitch which causes a computer program or hardware to malfunction, resulting in unwanted actions. These actions can range from a program failing also refered to as BSoD, or a CTD. If hardware is affected, the results can mean lower performance, or inability to boot.

A bug can be remedied in a number of ways, an update from the hardware manufacturer, an update from the software vendor, or help from a tech savvy community. The latter of the three usually doesn't include a permanent fix, but a loop around the problem resulting in desired performance without the intervention of the manufacturers.
Windows XP was found out to have yet ANOTHER bug that hackers can abuse. Im going to go download the update right now before someone compromises my system.
by OmegaMerc February 19, 2006

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