3 definitions by OmaeWaMouShindeiru1

Someone who makes women drink their semen regularly. Absolute fucking Chad and will destroy your female's vagina at will.

Coined by Denzel Curry on his song, "Ice Age".
"Jizz boss. Make her drink the cum sauce."
by OmaeWaMouShindeiru1 January 6, 2020
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Popular quote by Idubbbz from a kickstarter crap episode.
Sam, can I suck you dry?



What're you fuckin gay? Faggot kill yourself.
by OmaeWaMouShindeiru1 April 30, 2018
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1)When trying to confirm something. Usually hard to believe.

2)An insult to someone, usually when they say something outrageous and plain stupid.
1) "Lowkey Sally just asked me who my weed dealer is." Josh said. "Deadass for real?" Jordan replied
2) "Puke Green is my favorite shade of green" Cohen said. "Deadass." Ryan said back to him
by OmaeWaMouShindeiru1 December 20, 2017
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